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Hannah Barwell, Head of Marketing, Marsh Commercial

I like talking and the exchange of ideas. I like communicating, and marketing is all about communication.

I also enjoy helping businesses improve—and when done right, marketing has a massive influence.

I discovered I loved communication after I’d dropped out of uni and got a job with a logistics company. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against spreadsheets, but it didn’t take me long to realise that what I loved most was talking to people and helping to form networks within the company.

So I got myself on a marketing degree with a difference. Mine had a strong innovation component which focused on connecting operations to marketing—in other words making sure that marketing is fully integrated into the business. That’s a lot more tricky than it sounds. 

Since then I’ve clocked up 11 years’ experience, beginning in medical then moving to one of the hardest industries to market: insurance. 

Insurance taught me something very valuable. I learned that you have to offer a wider marketing package when you’re selling a product that people need but don’t want. As a marketer you have to add value, or the offer ends up being about nothing more than price. Lazy marketing makes it all about price. 

Somebody asked me recently, ‘What’s the hardest thing about marketing?’ It’s this: Everyone thinks they can do it. That, and the belief that an expert in the product will automatically be good at marketing it. 

Marketing is changing at a rapid rate. Or so it would seem. Sure, the technology evolves at lightning speed but in fact the principles remain the same. And those principles apply to any business, regardless of size or ‘habitat’. How’s this for proof: Google, the digital behemoth, is sending print DM these days. (And I read it).

Specialists I work with


My freelance writers and video-makers are hand-picked for their brilliant ideas and the way they’re able to create differentiation. They have a deep understanding of how to boost engagement by bringing those ideas to life—and they’re damned nice to work with!


Without an active campaign to direct people and search engines to you, your marketing plan is incomplete. Those wonderful insights and opportunities that digital makes possible need expert knowledge if you’re to navigate constantly shifting currents. With my experts driving it, you can’t go wrong.

Companies I work for

We have worked with customers across a range of services including the third sector, retail, and financial services. Our team of experts is well equipped to deal with your marketing needs no matter what your budget.



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