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I work with writers in each of the highly specialised corners of marketing

Until a few months ago, it was unusual for anybody to cut their own hair.

I won’t patronise you by spelling out the reasons, but the same principle applies to the creative end of marketing—copywriting, video, design, and content writing. It needs to look (or sound) good if you want to be taken seriously.

A quality lottery

But when money’s tight, there’s a temptation to go DIY. Or to head over to a website devoted to undercutting, where you’ll get your job done for a fiver but you’ll take a chance on quality. The truth is, good creative is more affordable than you think. Remember Steve Jobbs? He made a point of hiring people who knew more than he did, and looked what happened to Apple under his stewardship. Anyway, here are three reasons why you should enlist a pro.
    1. You’re a professional. So make sure everything about your brand sceams ‘professional’.
    2. Good creative appeals to human emotion. Good design appeals to the human eye. Good words appeal to the ear. Good stories, told through moving images, captivate a viewer and draw them in. Don’t waste this opportunity. Good creative gets people on side.
    3. Shouldn’t you be cracking on with the things you’re best at?
For help creating the tone of voice, and the look and feel of your brand, get in touch.

What’s your brand’s personality? Oh, you didn’t know? To be memorable and instil confidence, every business needs to be sure of who it is. Cool, fun, safe, esoteric, straight-talking, you decide. But it’s how your audience bonds with you
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Content Writing

Most content needs words, and your time is better spent than wrestling with blogs, white papers, reports, emails, press releases, award submissions, case studies… you get the picture
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Video Production

Video is often overlooked in marketing plans because it’s perceived as expensive. But when 72% of customers would rather learn about your product or service by video, can you afford to ignore it?
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