Copywriting for brand-building and advertising


There’s a big overlap between content writers and copywriters. But it can be useful to know the difference.

The role of copywriter originates in print advertising, and these days the more creative, conceptual end of the writing spectrum tends to be occupied by copywriters. Chances are you’ll need a copywriter to work alongside a designer if you’re building or refreshing your brand, or need some high-octane advertising.

That said, many copywriters don’t restrict themselves to the traditional realm but write the full shebang—blogs, white papers, websites, email, social media, annual reports, scripts and speeches—anything that might fall under the ‘content’ banner. Find out more about the difference between copywriters and content writers.

5 reasons for investing in professional copy

Want to know why it makes sense to shell out for quality writing? Read Shouldn’t you be running your business?

Hand-picked for their fresh approach

Here at The Marketing Guy, I have the details of writers based all over the UK. But no matter where they happen to be, they’re all at the top of their game.

Some are local, others inhabit strange and foreign lands…like Milton Keynes, or Cornwall. They’re all hand-picked and freelance, and as I don’t need them on-site in an office or studio, I can cast my net wide and source the best writer for the job.

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