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How do you afford top-notch marketing on a small-business budget?

Chicken and egg

After you’ve directed resources to whatever you’re selling, there isn’t a lot left for putting a marketer on the payroll—but you still need to get the word out. It’s a common conundrum, one that many small business owners try to resolve by doing the marketing themselves. Then this happens. They publish their website, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. Some shell out for expensive flyers. Some snap up random money-saving deals and post digital ads here and there. But without a plan, it’s far too easy to throw good money after bad.

Save on headache pills

I won’t deny it, marketing can make your head spin. There are so many platforms and channels to choose from, it’s not unusual for people to feel paralysed by conflicting advice on what to do and where to spend. So imagine if you had a marketing strategy and somebody to build it, review it, and adjust it to keep it aligned to your business goals. Imagine the difference. At the very least you’d be freed up to focus on what you do best.


Your on-call manager

A sound marketing plan factors in regular reviews and the ability to tinker with its components, dialing those components up or down at the right moment and for the
right price. Most importantly, it offers a high-level overview of the plan’s performance and its impact on sales. This is my area of expertise. I’ve been helping businesses sell for more than a decade — in retail, insurance, medical, manufacturing, and financial services. I’m a marketing manager, and when you outsource to me you get those skills for a fraction of one full-time salary.

Times have changed

It’s impossible to know what lies ahead. But one thing is certain: anybody who’s selling anything still needs a plan they can believe in, people with essential skills who they can trust, and somebody to keep all those moving parts finely tuned.

Marketing Strategy

We work with you to understand your business, its needs, who your customers are, your budget and what targets you are trying to achieve. From here we can create a full marketing plan for your business. As a business you then have the option of implementing the plan in-house or you can have the team at ‘The Marketing Guy’ do the work for.

Campaign planning & Analysis

Most marketing plans involve many elements and components including Pay Per Click, Social Media, SEO, Copywriting, PR, Email and much more. When all these elements combine and work together in unison you create a plan that will generate a positive return on investment for your business. ‘The Marketing Guy’ can either work through your plan with your existing agencies to generate income for your business or we can use our in-house team to deliver all the elements of your campaign.

Creative & Technical Services

You may already have a marketing person or team, but they need help, the team at ‘The Marketing Guy’ are quick learners. We learn about your business, your ethos, your product, or service and how you like to work. We can quickly adapt to be useful members of your team and hit the ground running, so if you have a desire to increase your marketing team but without the commitment of having to employ more members of staff then speak to us.

Working with your team

Already got a marketing team? Perhaps all you need is a missing set of key pro skills to complement the mix. Or a fresh pair of managerial eyes cast over your plan.
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