The data revolution demands more specialized skills


For all the search-engine wizardry that bamboozles the rest of us

Digital has been a game-changer in marketing. Suddenly, tracking your campaigns and measuring their effectiveness is simple because you can now see exactly which ones elicited a response—whether it’s from your website or from your social media.

Digital, and all the data that goes with it, has also created many new specialisms. At first blush three-letter acronyms like PPC and SEO, and weird terms like ‘meta-tag’ and ‘social listening’ seem as fathomable as witchcraft. Sadly, some small business owners running on a shoe-string budget equate ‘complicated’ with ‘probably expensive’.

Scratch the surface however and you find a handful of easy principles to get your head around. The complicated bit is that the goal posts continually move because the algorithms do. And as nobody at, say, Google, is going to give the game away, a lot of it comes down to educated guesswork.

As for cost, the big advantage of these digital services is that you can get results whatever you spend. And it’s not necessarily straight-line graph. Knowing what to do, and when, is the key.

So don’t be the person who releases their spanking new website into the wild and sits back, hoping that if s/he builds it, they will come. Talk to me about your budget and objectives. Together we’ll crack it.

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