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The Marketing Guy now offers two new packages. Bring multi-media to your content.

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The Marketing Guy is excited to bring two new video offerings.

According to Hubspot  94% of marketers believe that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service and 84% of video marketers say that video has been effective at generating leads.

But video is expensive! How can your business afford to tap into this marketing tactic?

I am pleased to say that I have been working with my team to come up with two video packages that can run monthly and offer great value for money.

  • Option 1 – Monthly Plan Contents @ £745pm
  • 1 x Character Animation Video – 30 seconds
  • 1 x Custom Motion Graphic Animation – 25 seconds
  • 4 x Theme Style Motion Graphic Videos – 45 seconds
  • 8 x Theme Style Instagram Story/Reel Videos

Once-off Included Plan Content

  • 2x Logo Animations Intro/Outro
  • 1x Unique Company Character Design

Option 2 – Monthly Plan Contents @ £645pm

  • 2x Motion Graphic Template Videos
  • 2x Live Action Videos (Shot by Sound X, post-production editing by Vibrant Light)
    • Includes; Motion graphic intro, Text animation overlays, Stock music backtrack
    • 2x Mini Attention Grabber Videos
  • 8x Instagram Story/Reel Template Videos

Once-off Included Plan Content

  • 2x Logo Animations Intro/Outro

Using Video for Social:

Ask any social media expert, such as Rubbi at Wild and Form Digital or Holly at Copson Social and they will tell you that Social is a large part of their social media strategy, in fact 94% of marketers agree with them.

Our video packages let you build regular videos into your content strategy, taking a bit of pressure off your plate. An example of a monthly video content calendar can be seen below:







Week 1


Theme Style

MG Video

Insta Story


Insta Story

Week 2


Theme Style

MG Video

Insta Story

Character Animation Video

Insta Story

Week 3


Theme Style

MG Video

Insta Story


Insta Story

Week 4

Custom MG Video

Theme Style

MG Video

Insta Story


Insta Story


All content for the month will be required by the 3rd week of the previous month in order for the production process to start, ensuring that the content will be ready in advance prior to the time of posting.

If you are interested in your entire social media strategy being done for you then we offer this service for £300 a month. However, if you choose either of our video package options then we will offer our social media package for £150 a month.

Why are we doing this?

We are offering a package that is the equivalent to employing a full-time video content creator but for a fraction of the cost. We are convinced that this package is worth double what we are charging. However, we believe in supporting all businesses large and small and video for a long time has been limited to companies with large budgets or for people that have the spare time to learn and do video editing. We want to level the playing field and we believe that this is what this package will do.

Who wants to join us for the revolution?

Simply click the contact me button on the website or give me a call on 01706 548 220.

You can learn more about our video offerings here:

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