SEO 5 Day Challenge

SEO Challenge
Join us for our 5-day SEO Challenge. We share exclusive content to enable you to get your website to start performing better on Google.

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SEO - 5 Day Challenge

Having a good product or service doesn’t mean you’re entitled to rank well in Google. In fact, having the best product or service doesn’t entitle you to it.

Everyone wants those coveted page #1 rankings, but in order to achieve that you’ll need to optimise certain aspects of your website for search engines with a little thing called Search Engine Optimisation or

Sign-Up to our free 5 day SEO Challenge starting Monday 11th October and give your website the foundations it needs to rank higher on Google.

The 5 day SEO challenge includes:
Day 1 – Monitoring and Reporting – Setup GSC
Day 2 – Keywords (Make list of the keywords you want to rank for)
Day 3 – Optimise Homepage Title, H1 and Body text number of words.
Day 4 – Create a page to rank for a keyword phrase
Day 5 – Review – optimize – repeat.

Starting on the 11th November we will release an exclusive video per day to help you with your website SEO. Join us to improve your Google ranking. All you need to do is click the ‘Join the Challenge’ button and we will email you with details of how to join.

Who are we?

We are a small team of SEO specialists who provide big results. We build SEO on three key principles:

  • Audit/ technical SEO
  • On-Page optimization
  • Link Building

Our structures approach has seen success for all our clients. We increase where you rank, and this leads to more website visits. One client doubled their visitors in three months, and another saw over 800 new visitors to their website in month one of working with us.

Join the Challenge.

We will sharing our knowledge, skills, tips and tricks all for free. Simply fill in our form and we will email with useful resources and access to the challenge

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