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Working in the independent insurance intermediary industry means that an insurance broker will have some tough competition. Aiming to deliver the best fleet policies at the most competitive prices for Private and Public Hire, Chauffeur, Commercial Vehicle, and more, they wanted to ensure that they were doing everything they could to reach more customers.

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The Story

Working in the independent insurance intermediary industry means that our insurance broker client have some tough competition. Aiming to deliver the best fleet policies at the most competitive prices for Private and Public Hire, Chauffeur, Commercial Vehicle, and more, they wanted to ensure that they were doing everything they could to reach more customers.

Like all industries, they faced challenges in being able to fight past the competition. We were approached at GW The Marketing Guy to help them compete even better in this busy market. Working together, we helped propel their business, putting them in the prime spot for new customers to take notice of them.

How did we do this despite the tough competition?

We put together a thorough strategy that had the makings of success from the very start. You can see more of how we did this and the results we were able to achieve for our client

The Solution – Google Listing Optimization

With nearly 50% of all searches having local intent, it was imperative that our client started focusing on their local Google listing. Using our GMB services, we were able to deliver the following results to our client.

The Results – Views Increased on all Fronts for Google Listing

Back in October and November 2021, total views on their Google listing were barely scraping past 1200. Fast-forward to the new year, and with the GMB strategies to optimize their listing, by the end of January of 2022, the total number of views was 1,994. This further increased to 2,422 at the end of February. That’s just more than double what the results were before we started this process.

We used several strategies to get them to this point, including Geo-tagging images with their location, pairing them with captions and web links, and creating custom-written content mixed with keywords. We knew that by using these techniques and putting our skills to the test to create bespoke content, we would be able to secure actions by visitors. The bespoke content transformed how great their listing looked. Take a look at the results for Google Map Pack and Google searches:.

  • Google Map Pack Results

Map views were minimal at the end of 2021, but once we started to put into place results-driven strategies, views had jumped up 221 before jumping even higher in February to 246. With these strategies in place, this figure is going to keep climbing, not to mention that those viewing the map view will be users with more intent.

Google Searches

When on Google Search, just over 1000 customers viewed the insurance broker’s listing back in October 2021. This leapt all the way to 2,176 in February 2022, and there were also some massive surges of searches during December too. This final figure has almost doubled since last November.

Return on Investment

Getting all these views was fantastic for the client, but the ROI they got out of it was even better. We secured and maintained the #1 ranking position on local search ranking for the key phrase “Chauffer Insurance Sidcup”. Maintaining this position helped them achieve more discovery search views.

However, what happened as a result of all this?

During the month of January, 71 actions took place on their Google listing. Let’s break down the details of this to get a better picture of this:

  • Website actions – 53 people clicked through to their website
  • Directions – 1 requested directions
  • Phone call actions -17 wanted to call the business

February did see a slight drop to 62 actions, but it saw positive improvements for two of the three actions. February had 3 customers wanting to request directions and 25 reaching out to call. The number of people clicking through to the website dropped to 34, but as the month of February is much shorter, this should be expected.

Real-Time Reporting

How Customers Searched for their Business

When comparing the Discover Searches and Direct Searches, 1,721 customers were able to find their business when searching for their category and area in January 2022. In the same month, 217 customers used business details to search directly and view their listing. Totaling 1,938 searches, helping our client get 1,773 views is a great achievement. Out of all the searches, only 165 customers did not go on to view their listing, showing that the business matches most user’s search intent.

As of February 2022, the number of searches once again increased. 2,051 customers found their businesses searching for their category and area, while 272 conducted direct searches, totaling 2,323. This resulted in only 147 customers not viewing their listing, a positive drop from the previous month.

Views on Photos

There was a need to transform the photos used on their Google Listing. By adding, at minimum, 5 geo-tagged images every month, the total number of customers viewing these photos increased month upon month. For the geo-tagged photos with their location, these were viewed 14,019 times in January alone.

These photos not only looked amazing on their site, but they propelled this business forward, ensuring that any visitors to their listing turned into visitors to their website.

Want to make positive changes for your business

We can help increase the views you get on your Google listing using our specific combination of GMB services. You, too, could be enjoying increased views, high ranking position for local search times, and more customers clicking through to your website, calling, or asking for directions. Get in touch with GW The Marketing Guy today to see what can be done for your business, or find out more about our SEO services here:

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