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Marketing is incomplete without regular fresh new content


Why Do You Need a Content and Copywriting Service?

It could be a blog, a white paper, a case study, a thought-provoking piece for LinkedIn. ‘Content’ includes video, podcasts, imagery and animation, of course; but here I’ll confine myself to the written word.

I say ‘regular’ and ‘fresh’ because, as far as the search engine bots are concerned, your relevance naturally decays over time. Unless the post is popular—evidenced by a steady stream of visitors and links to the page—your content’s power to keep you near the top of a SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) weakens the older it becomes.

The answer? A Content Calendar, scheduling frequent posts, with windows for ‘reactive’ content where you can pitch in to conversations on trending topics which have relevance to your business

Hand-picked for a fresh turn of phrase

Here at The Marketing Guy, I use writers from all over the UK. But no matter where they’re based, they’re all at the top of their game.

Some are local, others inhabit strange and foreign lands…like Milton Keynes, and Cornwall, but they’re all freelance; and as they don’t need to be on-site in an office or studio, I’m free to source the best writer for a job.

By the way if you’re wondering how copywriters differ from content writers, check out my blog. To find out more about copywriting at The Marketing Guy, go here.

Everyone can write, right?

Despite being the cornerstone of marketing, no discipline in marketing is more undervalued than writing. Sure, conveying a message is pretty simple, in most cases. There are few rights or wrongs, no ‘correct’ way to formulate a message besides the usual spelling and grammar considerations.

Yet writing for marketing is about so much more than stringing words together to convey information. Good writing builds trust. It creates a positive emotion in the reader – a connection. Besides informing the reader, good writing can entertain. It can be thought-provoking. It can galvanise people into action.

Unprofessional copy is counter-productive. Flat, turgid, predictable, ungrammatical—just a few ways guaranteed to send your reader to sleep…or running for the hills. At best, poor copy sends people away because it fails to engage them. At worst, it actively erodes trust and confidence in
your brand.

People buy from brands for different reasons. Because they’re cool. Or fun. Or they espouse the right values. But whatever the reason, the one thing a brand must build is trust.

Shouldn’t you be running your business?

You’re the expert of your business, that’s a fact. But are you an expert in writing? If you are, and you have the time, hats off to you. Read no further.

If writing isn’t your natural habitat, here are my five top reasons for hiring a professional.

  1. Your time can be better spent than grappling with spell check.
  2. A fresh pair of eyes. Most people find it extremely difficult to write about themselves or their business, and when they do, they often overlook the good stuff that’s obvious to an outsider looking in.
  3. Written content does more than just convey a message; it’s the vehicle for keywords and terms that people search for. In other words, good writers will supercharge their work with ways that help you get found.
  4. Pro quality work is more likely to be liked and shared, and that means links to your site—another good way to boost your ranking on a search results page.
  5. And what about persuasion? Isn’t that the bottom line? Professional writers are like any other professional: they operate at a different level, paying attention to nuances the rest of us would barely know existed.

Lost? Don’t be

To be an effective player in digital marketing, you must play the digital game. That means writing with search bots in mind as well as humans. Because one thing is certain: releasing your brand spanking new website into the wild and hoping for the customers to roll in is not a strategy, and it will fail. Just because you build it does not necessarily mean they will come (for the Field of Dreams fans out there).

Make sure you can be found—served up high in the ranking on the SERPS. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO is how your target audience will find you. Find out more about SEO services from The Marketing Guy. 

The starting point is engaging, relatable, relevant content. Ask me for a free marketing review and I’ll take a look at how you could be starting, and joining, the conversations online that will drive traffic to your site.

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