Hi, I am Guy, and as the founder of ‘The Marketing Guy’

it is my privilege to choose the charities that we as an agency support. All three of the charities below have a special connection for me and my family and I am really excited to be supporting them.


NARA – The breathing charity

My son was born with sleep apnoea. This means that he will randomly forget to breathe while he sleeps. To allow us to sleep at night we applied to NARA for a sleep monitor, this way, whenever our son stopped breathing for more than 20 seconds the alarm went off. We are extremely indebted to NARA.

About NARA

NARA – The Breathing Charity is the registered title for ‘The National Association for the Relief of Apnoea’. Since 1984 they have supported many who suffer or know those who suffer from a variety of respiratory conditions.

Providing Medical equipment, advice, information and a 24 hour helpline supporting all ages from tiny babies through to the elderly. Offering help through our Community Care Programme, Local Community Scheme, Palliative Care and much more.

Through their ‘Breathing Monitor Appeal’ and ‘Breathing New Life Campaign’ we provide medical equipment into the home that relieve symptoms helping the patient to breathe easier, in return enabling a ‘more normal’ lifestyle and giving them the ability to participate in everyday things such as education, sports, work and a ‘near normal’ social life, things that most of us take for granted.

In 2019 I did the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge for NARA and the below video explains why.

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Jolly Josh

Jolly Josh is very special to my wife, during her maternity leave and while my son was regularly going to hospital, the support she got from their weekly meetings was a great support. She has made many friends and the network that is created through Jolly Josh means that the parents can continue to support each other.

About Jolly Josh

Jolly Josh aims to provide a safe and secure environment in which those with disabilities and/or complex/additional needs, their siblings and their families can connect.  Jolly Josh is a welcoming group of parents/carers whose children benefit from sensory play experiences whilst they meet. There is a range of special needs equipment to help children to access play. The weekly ‘stay and play’ sessions are attended by a wide range of professionals and services in order to enable our families to Connect, Support and Thrive.

At Jolly Josh, families gain peer support from each other, discussing factors which are relevant to children with disabilities and/or complex/additional needs.


Jolly Josh also links with a wide variety of professionals on a weekly basis who provide valuable advice and information to enhance the support families receive.  In meeting professionals at Jolly Josh, they can eliminate some of the anxieties of the more formal appointments and clinics.


Springhill Hospice

My wife works at the hospice and I have seen first-hand what a wonderful place it is. The staff work really hard and there is always a good atmosphere around Springhill. I am really excited to be able to continue to support the hospice through their business buddies’ scheme.

About Springhill Hospice

Springhill Hospice first opened its doors in 1989. They are a 16 bedded purpose-built facility offering specialist palliative care to patients and their families from diagnosis to end-of-life.

The clinical care provided by our Hospice is underpinned by a range of corporate services comprising administration, finance, fundraising and support services (catering, cleaning, etc.). Staff working in these areas focus on the non-clinical aspects of patient and visitor care, as well as facilitating the resourcing of patient services.

The Hospice is embedded in the local community and receives huge support from the people of Rochdale and surrounding areas. We also attract hundreds of volunteers who help and support our patients in all areas of the Hospice.

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